Live onboarding demo

The button below will allow you to complete a demo of an actual onboarding form we prepared for a client. 

For this demo, we've altered it so you can fill out the form as one of your new hires would. When you click submit, a page will open with links to the pdf and any jpgs you uploaded. If it was a "live" form, you would receive an email for each new hire with links to their pdf and jpgs.

The pdf is the output you'd get for every onboarded contractor. It's a file you can forward to your client. No more scanning forms and assembling multiple pdf attachments to an email. 

Live issue-resolution demo

Our Issue Resolution platform was built to help door-to-door sales reps capture, record, and obtain a resolution for any issues that come up in the process of customer enrollment. 

Reps enter info about themselves, their customers, and any issues that come up during or after the process – these could include things related to credit or billing, customer records, customer profiles, agent sales and tracking, etc. 

When they click submit, you and your energy company contact are sent an email. Your client can click on a link in the email and post the resolution to the database. The platform then sends an email to the rep with a resolution to the issue.

Because we capture all the issues and resolutions in the database, it’s a snap to put together FAQs for all the other reps to use.

Click the button below to see how the Issue Resolution platform works.